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14th June 2024 · Articles

Net-Defence unveil new look ahead of further UK expansion

Business resilience specialists Net Defence recently completed a brand refresh and launched a new website to advance the already well-established business. Managing Director, Debra Cairns, tells us more

What motivated the decision to rebrand and launch a new website?

Our customers are centric to everything we do. While we talk about this in our networks, our website and presence on socials need to reflect this. Our existing customers tell us we are providing an excellent service, a partner, or an extension to their organisation, but this is currently not reflected.

In addition, tech is known for having an ego, which can make things overly complex and challenging for customers to navigate. I want our services simplified, making them affordable, available, and attainable to all. Selling through fear is all too common, and this needs to stop!

How does the new website enhance the user experience and better communicate your company’s offerings and values?

When visiting the website, we want customers to be able to identify a solution to a problem they are facing without feeling pressured, scared, or forced into a purchase. At our core, we are committed to informed decision-making through awareness and education, removing jargon and unnecessary technical information.

We share our promises, principles, and values with our customers, combined with our experience, certifications, and accreditations, to demonstrate that they are our top priority. We don’t operate with a one-size-fits-all approach; we listen to our customers and find solutions that bring immediate value, strengthen security and reduce risk, with a focus on outstanding customer service.

We share our promises, principles, and values with our customers, combined with our experience, certifications, and accreditations, to demonstrate that they are our top priority

How do you envision the rebrand impacting your company’s positioning within the competitive cybersecurity market?

Cyber is no longer emerging; it is a present and growing risk. No longer is it if; now, it is when an attack will happen. Fear and scaremongering, along with the question of how a customer can afford to do something is stopping businesses from engaging, and this scares me more than any cyber risk. Our approach is to do one thing today and start at the beginning. If businesses don’t know where that is, it’s okay; we do. Prevention is better than cure. After that, detection is your best ally.

We want to be seen as a trusted partner. No matter the size of the customer, we are here to offer support. We are customer-centric, without ego or fear. Plus, no jargon! Just straightforward guidance and advice.

Did you see the rebrand as an opportunity to introduce any new services or initiatives?

We took the opportunity to look at all of the services and customer feedback. New initiatives will include a combined offering that will merge a collection of our core services. This service is designed to provide base IT, telecoms, and Cyber Resilience services with no upfront capital investment and is billed monthly. It is focussed on business resilience, keeping organisations secure, compliant and operational.

Our customers have also told us that the digital world is so complex that they just don’t know where to start. To help eliminate this, our new advisory service was born.Working with us, we will help guide you to the best solutions to meet your current and future needs. This will take the form of conversations or self-serve on our website.

How has the rebrand impacted Net Defence as a business?

As part of this journey, we went right back to basics. We began with our purpose and promises and continued with our customers and their feedback. We are all aligned as we move forward. We have also reviewed our employees, resulting in changes in roles, training, development, promotions, and recruitment. All with one purpose in mind: What do our customers need, and how do we best support them?

What are your plans and goals for the company?

Like all businesses, we have growth plans, but our mission remains the same: simplifying cyber resilience, IT support, and telephony services, making them affordable and available to all. I want to continue attracting and developing the region’s best talent. We have a solid promote-from-within ethic. My management team and I have all been promoted from more junior positions. I want that to continue long past my time with ND.

Being part of a third-generation family business comes with many benefits; it was a key reason for me joining when I left P&G. One such benefit is that we take our social responsibility very seriously. As such, we give back to the communities in which we work, providing education and driving awareness.

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